Thought this was good to watch because many of us are getting ready to celebrate another successful semester. Be safe please.


In Class

I was unable to make it to class on Thursday because my mother was having surgery done on her neck. She had to get a herniated disk removed and a few other discs cleaned. Besides that, I have been working on my projects and practicing for my Chromakey project for the upcoming week. I am going to do the Chromakey on my website,, in hopes to generate more traffic. I am looking forward to the end result. Things are moving smoothly though. 


Things are moving along smoothly. This week should be interesting with the Chroma key project, but I also want to make more progress on my News Report assignment. After reviewing my Pan & Tilt video, I noticed that I could’ve lowered the tripod to make the building look taller and get a better tilt shot. I will definitely use that trick next time.  I also thought it was good to edit the Making Democracy Video because it was so long, and we had to make it shorter for the viewer. This is something we need to get used to because things always get cut out in the editing process to be focused on the main message.  🙂


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