TALENT: “ HI everybody, My name is Kevin Ross and today we are at the gotSOLE 2014 sneaker trade event her in West Palm Beach Florida at Vita Ultra Lounge. Today we are going to get an inside look at the sneakerhead culture. Stay tuned for more.”


Lower-third in and out.


VO: “The event brought people from all walks of life together, with such an incredible line, one might wonder how this event came about.”


Dissolve to Renzo and Ben Interview


Lower-thirds in and out


Renzo “Basically, how gotSOLE got started, we just got tired of driving all the way down south to get our kicks, the kicks that we wanted, so why not start one in Palm Beach, I know there’s a lot of sneakerheads here. It started for fun, maybe like 60 members, no were up to about 1500.

Cut to clip of shoes

Cut to clip of vendors


VO; “There were all kinds of vendors at the event, most vendors arrived to sell shoes, but there were also some interesting ones such as,


Cut to clip of HHB vendor


“Heavy Hittahs Barber Shop, which gave a few people haircuts,”


Cut to clip of Vice shirts


VO: “Vice, which provided a limited edition shirt only for this gotSOLE event, and “



VO: “icecream For Your Soles, which sold a cleaning product to help keep these nice sneakers clean.”


Cut to clip of Nashely interview


NASHELY: “We actually hit beyond our projected numbers which os great for our income, but this event was definitely a success.


Cut to clip of counting money

Cut to clip of upstairs crowd


VO: “With the venue two-stories high and filled with people that stood shoulder to shoulder, it was clear to see the impact gotSOLE has on the community.”


Cut to Renzo and Ben interview

Cut to clip of kicking camera


BEN: “The impact gotSOLE has had to the community is just, theres that extra outlet, like say if a new release just came out, “Man I sleplt on the new gamma 11’s, let me jump on gotSOLE and see if they have good prices,” that’s the impact it has had. Righ now theres a lot of hype around the sneaker game. People will oversell the price of a sneaker because they just came out.”


Cut to clip of  shoe vendor

Cut to clip of man holding up sneakers


RENZO: “It’s not what you see on the TV with people running and punching each other for the shoe, all that negative stuff that people see on TV, it’s not about that; it’s about the love of the shoe.


Dissolve to standup

Fade to black