I cropped the image to portrait format enough to remove the car and wires in the background. Increased the vibrance to 65 to make it easier to distinguish between the pinks and reds. It also brought out the green in the trees. Used lasso tool to remove the car in the back, between their heads. 




Cropped he photo then enhanced the red in the shirt, sign, and shoes by increasing the saturation from 0 to +39 and lightness to +6.


I increased the shadow to 23%. Used the spot healing tool to whiten her teeth and clear some blemishes on her chin. I also used the red eye tool to remove the red eye. Vibrance up to 11.


Cropped out building and construction cite in the background. Increased saturation to enhance the blue in the shirts. Used dodge tool to whiten teeth and increased brightness.


I cropped the image to a landscape format. Increased the vibrance to make the blue and orange colors richer and make them women more tan.



Cropped out the top of the trees. Used lasso tool to remove the box that was on the bottom right corner. Increased the saturation to enhance the red in statue and flowers.


I cropped out the tree trunk to the left and the trees in the background. I increased the brightness to +12, and decreased the contrast to -55. I also increased the exposure to +.11 to enhance the leaves. It looks HD. I used the spot healing brush to make her skin look clear by removing acne. Increase vibrance to +70.


8. Image

 I cropped the image in a portrait format. Used the Lasso tool to remove the people in the background.  Increased the vibrance to +78 to enhance the greens in the plants and the burgundy in her hair and plants.


I cropped the image in a portrait format to put more emphasis on the woman oppose to the tree. Whitened her teeth with the dodge tool. Increase saturation up to +9. Increase vibrance to +42.

10. Image

This is the photo I took in class. I cropped the image to  landscape format to include the fountain in the lake, the end of the sidewalk, and the top of their feet.  Increased shadow to 35%.  Increased vibrance to +72

11. Image

Another picture i took in class. it was a close up so i didn’t crop it down. I increased Brightness, Vibrance and used the spot healing tool to remove some bumps on her face and chest.